What’s new in the life of Laura?

Sunday, February 22 2009 6:07 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Well… last week my exam was postponed :( and I hate when that happens… But at least I could watch Bounce without waiting the afternoon… Pity it wasn’t that good… I think I will change TV-show as obbsession because NCIS is degressing… Then I found this cute site where you can find/buy pets called whimpies […]

Snowed in… again…

Monday, February 2 2009 5:57 am, GMT+1h Laura

Yesterday it started to snow a little… Today I woke up and it was all white, again… I’ve really never seen so much snow… I’m going to move the old posts to a subdomain, this way I still have all the old things, maybe the images won’t work but I’m not going to change every […]

Hello world!

Sunday, February 1 2009 11:18 am, GMT+1h Laura

Hello visitors! Welcome back to Eiencafe! This is the new blogging installation, I still have to write all the pages so if you encounter some errors please don’t report them . I leave the blog open so you can use and download the graphic :P. Smack :P just trying the blockquote :P