What’s new in the life of Laura?

Sunday, February 22 2009 6:07 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Well… last week my exam was postponed :( and I hate when that happens… But at least I could watch Bounce without waiting the afternoon… Pity it wasn’t that good… I think I will change TV-show as obbsession because NCIS is degressing… Then I found this cute site where you can find/buy pets called whimpies […]


Monday, February 9 2009 4:00 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Hi there! Hey are you following Eluana Englaro battle to die? or live? depends on your point of view. What do you think? Should the doctors stop her nutrition seeing that it’s been 17 years since she’s in a irrevirsible coma? Her father asked the judges to give him permission because this is what Eluana […]

Snowed in… again…

Monday, February 2 2009 5:57 am, GMT+1h Laura

Yesterday it started to snow a little… Today I woke up and it was all white, again… I’ve really never seen so much snow… I’m going to move the old posts to a subdomain, this way I still have all the old things, maybe the images won’t work but I’m not going to change every […]

Hello world!

Sunday, February 1 2009 11:18 am, GMT+1h Laura

Hello visitors! Welcome back to Eiencafe! This is the new blogging installation, I still have to write all the pages so if you encounter some errors please don’t report them . I leave the blog open so you can use and download the graphic :P. Smack :P just trying the blockquote :P