Tuesday, April 28 2009 9:22 pm, GMT+1h Laura

We need Noah’s Ark!!! It’s been almost three days since it started raining and it never stopped! Tomorrow I should go to Milan to University but Gosh! I don’t want to go with a boat! So I think I won’t go… Then it’s May the 1st which is holiday and there’s no class this Thursday […]

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How was the week end?

Tuesday, April 14 2009 11:23 am, GMT+1h Laura

Mine particularly good On Sunday I went out to have Easter lunch to a restaurant and the food was so good! I am picky, but I really eat a lot anyway! There was something which I don’t know the English name (well not even the Italian name…) and that king prawns as hors-d’oeuvre or starters. […]

Earthquake News

Tuesday, April 7 2009 12:37 pm, GMT+1h Laura

There are survivors!!!! They were able to find a 98-year-old woman who was in her bed knitting! She seems fine and talkative. Another girl was extracted from her destroyed house after 23 hours and she’s alive. The students’ house came down… It is really bad when you go to a city to have a culture […]

And it happens again…

Monday, April 6 2009 8:23 pm, GMT+1h Laura

This morning another earthquake shook the center of Italy (epicenter l’Aquila). After 1997 this is the first with the same intensity. From what I know a two-year-old was saved because her mother covered her with her body, the mother died, the girl was rescued. I’m sure there are lots more of stories like this one, […]


Friday, April 3 2009 10:57 am, GMT+1h Laura

Yesterday I installed some new plugins in WP :smart: , and today I found out that lots of links in my link page disappeared :pensive: so I went to the link page in the wp-admin area and I found that those links didn’t have a category anymore Don’t know why the category went AWOL… Now […]

Back home

Thursday, April 2 2009 5:57 pm, GMT+1h Laura

So my father has a new nose. He should have come home yesterday but he didn’t so he came home today. Everything was ok, pity I couldn’t see the doc operating him :( . There was also a kid and he seemed so brave :P and another one had to postpone the surgery because he […]