Vacation Time

Thursday, July 30 2009 3:09 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Yep, it’s that period of the year whene I go to the sea for a month. I’ll be back on august 31st so please don’t abuse my site :lonely: Goodbye

Textures and Shopping

Monday, July 13 2009 3:33 pm, GMT+1h Laura

First of all I was able to finish the recode of all icons (avatars, whatever) in a day :D so they’re with WP now :D (yes I’m so proud of myself :P ), second I released set 58 of 40 Icon Textures Amd third, I went shopping agai :D but I didn’t buy anything for […]

Patterns again… it’s a sad day

Saturday, July 11 2009 12:04 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Another pattern set. And yesterday my little hamster died :emotion: I am so sad! Poor little thing… she died in her house after a good dinner… Now she’s with Scheggia, my cousins’ one (is there an heaven for pets? I don’t know if there is one for humans, so maybe there isn’t one for pets…) […]