Vacation Time

Saturday, July 30 2011 10:20 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Guys and gals! I’m going to leave for the beach tomorrow (July 31) and come back on August 31. If you want news, please follow my twitter or tumblr :D (links in “Stalk me” down left.) See you in September!!

New Tablet

Thursday, July 28 2011 10:23 am, GMT+1h Laura

Some weeks ago, my father bought a new tablet, l’ASUS Transformer. It is awesome! It is fast, the battery lasts more than three iPhones together and it becomes a mini-netbook when you attach the keyboard to the tablet. But the most important feature is the USB ports!    :D Now, Vodafone got us a wi-fi […]

More photos

Sunday, July 17 2011 4:58 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Today I added 423 photos to my gallery… all about Rome… Can’t believe how many I have… and I have more but they aren’t digital and my scanner isn’t working so I can’t put them online… The past few days I added more albums, too.     Then I recently come back to I miss having […]

New Gallery

Wednesday, July 13 2011 2:02 pm, GMT+1h Laura

I know… I should finish the challenge… actually it is finished, I’ve just to post the banner here… They are all on my tumblr though :D In the meantime I’ve opened four new fanlistings, about Bones which I adore now (why I’ve never watched it is beyond me…). I particularly didn’t like season 6 (I […]