PHP Tutorial: Basic PHP

Friday, February 27 2015 2:00 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Never heard of PHP? You don’t know what you’re missing! Here how to start a site with (or convert a site in) PHP. What you need: PHP enabled: you need to be hosted or have a domain on a server which supports PHP, there are some free hosts which offer php but I’ve never tried […]

Week #9

Sunday, February 22 2015 1:34 pm, GMT+1h Laura

I got some good news this week, actually a member of my family did but I want to wait to announce it. But I’m happy.

Patterns #1

Tuesday, February 17 2015 2:00 pm, GMT+1h Laura

This was my first patterns set for photoshop. I added the image pack to use with other programs which was downloaded separately before.

:arrow: 12 Patterns
:arrow: .pat extension plus image pack for non PS programs
:arrow: made in Photoshop CS2, works in PSCS6
:arrow: download in zip file

Week #8

Sunday, February 15 2015 2:17 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Another week went by. This past week I learned something at work, read a lot of pages of my books especially last Monday and I found out that Game of Thrones is far ahead of the books I’m reading so the tv show spoiled out everything… I’m angry      I didn’t know that! I […]

Week #7

Sunday, February 8 2015 1:43 pm, GMT+1h Laura

So my week was kinda nice . I had a snow day on Thursday (yes it snowed) and I’ve accomplished pretty much everything. Here it is my finished week (of course I still have to mark off the planner post since I still haven’t written it…