Icon Bases #2

Tuesday, July 28 2015 2:00 pm, GMT+1h Laura

:arrow: 1548 100x100px icon bases
:arrow: .png extension
:arrow: Caps form DJ Capslock and me
:arrow: download in zip file

:!: These were divided in 12 sets but since they’re quite old episodes I’m going to put all of them together. So if you downloaded these before, don’t worry, no new icon base here.

Postcard Sunday: Switzerland

Sunday, July 19 2015 2:00 pm, GMT+1h Laura

The Abbey of Saint Gall (German: F├╝rstabtei St. Gallen) is a Roman Catholic religious complex in the city of St. Gallen in present-day Switzerland. The Carolingian-era Abbey has existed since 719 and became an independent principality during the 13th century, and was for many centuries one of the chief Benedictine abbeys in Europe. It was […]