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Date of Birth: 27 May
Zodiacal Sign: Gemini
Chinese Sign: Chicken… hehe ^_^
Nickname: Teddy Bear, Lollie, Carmination, Lauritas, Deli
Country: Italy
Nationality: Italian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Languages: Italian, English, is Latin a language?
Eyes Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Major: Chemistry
Hobbies: Collecting postcards, coins, stickers, letter paper, everything about dolphins, bookmarks, I have a big collection of profume, reading detective stories, fantasy, classical English and American books, thrillers, Japanese ones, fanfiction in internet about my favorite TV-shows, I like penpalling and had lots of foreign friends: from Australia, Finland, Germany, Japan, Israel, USA (I had so many more but they stopped writing)
Favorite Colors: Purple, black, light blue, green
Car: Opel Corsa


I have a lot of interests but I’m too lazy to do them for example learning Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese and Korean!! I just love languages which have a different alphabet than mine (this one I’m using :P ). I really love this part of the world and some day, my dear friends I’ll come to visit you!
So my major interest is learning oriental culture and “talk” to people…


Books: The Bone Collector, A Song of Ice and Fire
Authors: Jeffrey Deavers, George R.R. Martin
Movie: Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, Schindler’s List
Actors: Tom Hanks because he’s good at acting, Jensen Ackles because he’s handsome and how can I forget that hot guy that is Eric Christian Olsen?
Actresses: None in particular right now
TV-Shows: too many! But really love NCIS: Los Aangeles (not DC!!!!!!!), Flashpoint, CSI: New York, Castle, Bones and Criminal Minds.
Cartoons: Cat’s Eye and Kiss me Licia (Ai Shite Naito), Teneramente Licia (the Italian continuation of the Japanese anime but it’s a tv-show with the famouse Cristina d’Avena – famouse in Italy), Sailor Moon (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, all) Rossana (Kodomo no Omacha)
Song: Too many
Football Team: Inter
Football Player: Sneijder and Zanetti
Sports: Artistic Gymn, Synchronized Swimming, F1, Motorcycle Racer, Skating
Animals: Dolphins!!!!
Countries: Japan, South Korea, Israel and well Italy…
Food: Pasta, Pizza, Chocolate
Drink: Coffee!!!!


Books: I like all books and till now I haven’t found one which I don’t like… well maybe “Lady Chatterlay’s Lover” isn’t so good… and well… I don’t read all genre…
Authors: No one
Movie: Vanilla Sky
Actors: No one in particular
Actresses: No one in particular
TV-Shows: NCIS… and I don’t like reality show (big brother, the mole…).
Cartoons: None in particular, but there are some that I don’t watch…
Song: None in particular
Football Team: Juventus!
Football Player: Ronaldo!!
Sports: Well none…
Animals: Spiders, insects
Countires: None in particular but there are many where I wouldn’t put foot, not even for three million euros
Food: Too many but I really hate liver (when my mom cooks it for my dad I want to puke cause the smell!!!), well I could say vegetable, lots of fruit, lots of meat….
Drink: Wine (yes, I am Italian and I hate wine)
Other Things: Cigarettes and all the smoking people.

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