New Gallery

Wednesday, July 13 2011 2:02 pm, GMT+1h Laura

I know… I should finish the challenge… actually it is finished, I’ve just to post the banner here… They are all on my tumblr though :D In the meantime I’ve opened four new fanlistings, about Bones which I adore now (why I’ve never watched it is beyond me…). I particularly didn’t like season 6 (I […]

Ever wonder why?

Sunday, February 13 2011 4:59 pm, GMT+1h Laura

We remember songs from when we were kids? Some days ago, I searched for my old kid music tapes to give to my little cousin and when I tried them to see if they still worked I just remembered all the songs. Ever happen to you? I loved to sing them as a kid, yes […]

Still alive and kicking…

Saturday, January 22 2011 7:41 pm, GMT+1h Laura

…just making fanlists and NCIS:LA graphics… I added four banners, all about Deeks and made at least 8 new fanlists since my last post… maybe more if I count the ones adopted And I’m more on Tumblr and Twitter these days… so follow me there :D

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Back from Pisa…

Monday, October 18 2010 2:53 pm, GMT+1h Laura

… and Cremona and Pavia… want to see pictures? here some. Ah I have tumblr now, too… Dunno why I created it since I already have this site… but you know… you never know… Later

Tomorrow Pisa!

Friday, October 8 2010 1:34 pm, GMT+1h Laura

My friend Janet is here from Scotland and tomorrow we’re going to Pisa withmy other friend Laura, hope we will have the same fun we had in Zurich :D . Vodafone gave me Mobile internet free for a month so I’ll tweet from Pisa :D .

Good-bye Spillo

Tuesday, September 28 2010 5:52 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Yesterday, about 2 pm, Spillo, my sweet dog left us… I was sad but I knew he was/is in a better place where he’s not suffering… Poor puppy he was always so tired… In the meantime I opened 3 more fanlists, two are coming soon and two are pending approval I’m thinking of moving the […]

Vacation Time

Saturday, July 31 2010 9:08 am, GMT+1h Laura

Yep, it’s that time of the here where I go to the beach, so don’t abuse my site :P. If you want to follow my vacation, follow my personal twitter account, not the site one. Bye bye, see you in September.

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Working BTS

Tuesday, June 15 2010 8:47 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Yep, I’m working behind the scene to improve EC meaning I’m changing all the pages to WP and erasing lots of content (glitters, myspace layouts, other stupid graphic which was cute once upon a time but now I’m too old for that). The dolls subdomain is cut, too (just like CBS that decides to be […]


Saturday, November 28 2009 6:15 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Finally everything is booked for Zurich. Room and train I’m so spooked! When is it Christmas? :shifty: Last Sunday I went to a store where there are all Christmas stuff and I bought two new decos (because I don’t have enough… I think I can sell all mine and make a good profit…) so I […]

Just random

Monday, November 23 2009 12:45 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Hi there, how’s it, everyone? I’m currently working on a new layout but it’s taking mi forever to code… and I still have stuff to add but to lazy to do… On the other end, I’m preparing for my friend’s visit during Christmas she’s coming form Scotland to stay here and have Christmas with me […]

I’m back!

Wednesday, September 2 2009 9:28 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Hey guys! I’m back from the sea! But seeing that I’m a littleĀ sick I will start updating and telling you about my holiday when I’m better (yes, I came home with the flu!). I’ve already answered to some comments, thanks everyone , I still have some but right now my head hurts too much, not […]

Vacation Time

Thursday, July 30 2009 3:09 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Yep, it’s that period of the year whene I go to the sea for a month. I’ll be back on august 31st so please don’t abuse my site :lonely: Goodbye