Textures and Shopping

Monday, July 13 2009 3:33 pm, GMT+1h Laura

First of all I was able to finish the recode of all icons (avatars, whatever) in a day :D so they’re with WP now :D (yes I’m so proud of myself :P ), second I released set 58 of 40 Icon Textures Amd third, I went shopping agai :D but I didn’t buy anything for […]


Friday, March 20 2009 1:28 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Hey ya! I added three new packs as promised :D Yesterday I watched CSI:NY and it was awesome again even if Lindsay wasn’t there!! Why can’t NCIS writers learn from the CSI ones?? But I have to say that I didn’t like what they wrote last year so maybe every TV-show has this ‘bad-script’ phase… […]