• My MOM and DAD to give me my wonderful life!
  • Host: Dreamhost for the wonderful plan!!
  • YOU, for always visiting my site (keep coming!!).
  • Adobe.Com for the wonderful programs Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2/CS5/CS6 and Adobe Illustrator!
  • Jasc for the programs Paint Shop Pro 8 and Animation Shop that made me start.
  • Apophysis for the wonderful fractal editor.
  • WordPress for blogging tools and _s for the theme starter.
  • Notepad++ as HTML editors.
  • For graphic resources and tutorials in general see my resources page.
  • Brushes to make the header: Designfruit.
  • Tutorial por the “cup”: here.
  • Tutorial for the theme customization: here.
  • Theme Emoticons: oOLuccianaOo

If I forgot someone, fill free to tell me…

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