Week #7

Sunday, February 8 2015 1:43 pm, GMT+1h Laura

So my week was kinda nice :cool: . I had a snow day on Thursday :shoked: (yes it snowed) and I’ve accomplished pretty much everything. Here it is my finished week (of course I still have to mark off the planner post since I still haven’t written it…

Eiencafe is Active

Sunday, February 1 2015 11:06 am, GMT+1h Laura

So, from now on I think I’m going to write on this site again. I uploaded the new theme, decided to write only in English and start planning my posts. For now I’m going to leave you with next week planner since I start having one and decorate it (yes :yes: my new obsession).

Week 6
Week 6: Feb 2 – Feb 8

I need to buy some new stuff such as washi tapes and stickers for my planner but I have my hosting fee due this month so I need to wait… oh well…

New Installation

Tuesday, January 20 2015 12:18 pm, GMT+1h Laura

So, something went wrong with my website… It gave me a 500 error and I couldn’t visualize my WP admin page so I moved all my old post and I’m going to start from scratch. Boring right? Well what can I do? So I’m going to work on the new theme soon (when I’m home from work) and add all content revamped and little by little. I need a structure first and decide what language to use… maybe both Italian and English? As long as they keep updating plugins damn!

New Phone

Saturday, November 22 2014 11:31 am, GMT+1h Laura

So… my smartphone took a dive in the toilet. literally so I had to change it. And I was really sad because it was a graduation gift from my family, but I couldn’t stay without a phone, not with my new job so I bought the new version of my old one. I had a Lumia 900, now I have a Lumia 930 and it’s awesome! I know… everyone is about iPhone but i really don’t like it…. I tried it, twice, but I couldn’t love it so I went back to my Nokia obsession.

Then, my job… it’s going well, I’m never home though… so I had to leave some of my tv shows… well a few of them I didn’t enjoy watching them anymore (such as Arrow which was my last love and it has been the tv show that went from love to hate in a giffy, literally in seconds after the premiere… and Chicago Fire, too… They killed… i’m not going to say who, maybe you didn’t watch it in your country). But anyway, who got time? I’m out from 7 am till 9 pm… when I get home I just want to eat and go to sleep…

And December will start soon :D yeay for Christmas! I already started to plan Christmas lunch since I won’t be home during December, already prepared some treats for my guests and planned the decorations :D I really can’t wait for next Sunday witch will be the day when I put decos in my house :D

That’s all for now :D

Don’t know what to do with this website…

Sunday, September 28 2014 11:34 am, GMT+1h Laura

When I started, I wanted this to be a graphic website, where my visitors could find help with brushes, textures and tutorials, but I don’t have time now to update regularly. I still love to graphic, I do open up photoshop, but then the time isn’t that much so I close it up.

I’m not good at blogging, I never know what to talk about and especially in English which isn’t my language. I do love making fanlistings, making new layouts for each subject I love. But having said that, it is a waste having this big hosting plan only for fanlistings.

So what should I do with this website? I don’t know…

No Inspiration…

Friday, July 12 2013 5:48 pm, GMT+1h Laura

I have no inspiration for the new Delena video… or I don’t have the right song… and now that I have HD clips… Oh well…

I’ve already scheduled two Postcard Tuesdays and I need to schedule the ones for August since I won’t be home but on vacation… not that I won’t bring my PC with me :P but I don’t know if I have the time to write… so I’ll schedule them before hand ;)

That’s all :D


Monday, July 8 2013 1:50 pm, GMT+1h Laura

I’ve been collecting postcards since I was a kid, since I found out a bunch of postcards that my father sent my mother when he was serving in the Army (the year long military service there was once in Italy, mandatory when you turned 18 or something and only for boys…) way before they got married. Since then, I treasured each card relatives and friends sent me. At first I had them all in a pile in a shoe box, then I discovered postcrossing and decided to use photo albums to catalog them. Now I have more than 700, all of them in my postcard gallery but their just an image, I don’t know almost anything of what they represent (except for some of the Italian ones bought by me while I was ‘tripping’/vacationing in those cities) so I think I’m going to choose a postcard of the week and find everything I can about that place and write it here. So on Tuesday, I’m going to create a Postcard Tuesday and explain something about that particular monument, building and so on ;) Let’s see if I can keep up this ‘section’ of the site :D

Postcard collection is growing

Monday, June 24 2013 1:44 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Finally I can participate in the Postcrossing project again :D and today I got my first two postcards (actually #97 and #98 but ‘first’ two since I started again :D). Now if only my scanner would work with Windows 7… I actually don’t want to use my archaic desktop computer for scanning… it’s too noisy so I need a program which works with W7 or buy another scanner…

Updating done

Friday, March 15 2013 7:35 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Today I’ve finally finished the update, every piece of graphic (minus avatars and banners) and tutorial is monitored by a plugin now, hope I didn’t screw anything…

I updated a tutorial, the ‘clearing images’ one and have four to translate, so this is my next task.

Still here…

Wednesday, October 24 2012 7:06 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Yes, I’m still running this blog… Actually I’m more into fanlistings now than graphic… Since last time I wrote, big events happened! First of all I graduate from university in July (yuppy! No more studying!!), I opened more fanlistings, I renewed this web hosting for three more years and I opened a cooking blog (sorry only in Italian).

What I’m up now, other than looking for a job, is video-ing. I find it more rewarding than graphicing (at least no one will steal it without linking you…).

I’m on Goodreads, too now… and Chefville on Facebook is taking up all my time… and to think I hated facebook…