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Posted on Friday, June 18 2010 @ 3:47 pm, GMT+1h by Laura

Yes, it’s here!

This morning I got an email from Matt telling me that WordPress 3.0 is out and what did I do? Yes, you guessed right… I downloaded ti but first, since I didn’t have much time. I upgraded the one on my test site (since I don’t have any custom files I can use the automatic one) and I was stunned by the change! So as soon as I had a little time I upgraded this site, too. Now I only have to understand how to run multi site on this installation but I read about it yesterday so I will find out soon (well if I can find that page again… I know I have the site in my links). Of course I need to upgrade the theme, too… I will release the first version for the previous installations and then when I will finally understand Twenty Ten I will release a second version.

Gotta run… need to learn everything about this new version!

Posted on Tuesday, June 15 2010 @ 8:47 pm, GMT+1h by Laura

Yep, I’m working behind the scene to improve EC meaning I’m changing all the pages to WP and erasing lots of content (glitters, myspace layouts, other stupid graphic which was cute once upon a time but now I’m too old for that). The dolls subdomain is cut, too (just like CBS that decides to be stupid and cut JJ and Emily Prentiss from the show, really guys? Male chauvinists). But anyway it will take time but I had an idea of how I wanted my site and finally it’s becoming live.

Posted on Sunday, June 13 2010 @ 1:04 pm, GMT+1h by Laura

A few days ago I changed theme of my wordpress and yesterday, after implementing ComLuv I found out that my RSS feed wasn’t working.

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Posted on Saturday, June 12 2010 @ 11:31 pm, GMT+1h by Laura

I think there’s something wrong with my rss feed… It works fine in Safari 5 but not in FF, IE or Opera… I tried everything but nothing… I will try again tomorrow.

I’ve implemented some other plugins and erased some nasty directory which didn’t want to be erased so I contact my host and they deleted them for me ;) I love dreamhost!

And now it’s only me on this account, no more hostees, I erased them for inactivity or expired domaind. And don’t ask, I’m not going to host again.

See yah!

P.S. I talked too soon… found the solution, see you tomorrow for the explanation.

Posted on Friday, June 11 2010 @ 8:21 pm, GMT+1h by Laura

Yep, the new theme is online! Finally eh? Yeah I know… big and sad things happened in the past months and I didn’t have the will to write… but now I think everything is better and I’m back again…

Bye the way, EienCafe has its own logo now ;) do you like it? It’s about time yes?

So first of all I need to upload all the photos I’ve taken everywhere especially in Zurich ;) oh and do you know I was stuck at the airport in December? No, never told you so… Yeah when I went to the airport to meet with Janet… we spent a night there because of the snow… never seen so much snow (I know every year I say so but apparently each year it’s even more than the previous…

And remember, this site is off-limit for IE7… no more of that…

Oh another thing! EienCafe has it’s own twitter, the one I’ve always used where I only talk about EC and graphic; now I have a personal twitter, too, where I talk about anything and everything in Italian and English; feel free to follow me there, too.

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