Week #16

Sunday, April 12 2015 3:14 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Hello!  :love:

Today I have a bad headache… right behind my right eye… Every time I stare at my pc screen I feel like dying  :die: but I don’t want to take any painkiller I already take enough of them  :cry:

Week #15

Sunday, April 5 2015 5:24 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Hello everyone!

Happy Easter! I wanted to photograph what we had for lunch but I totally forgot once I sat down… Anyway I’m full as an egg (or so we say here…). My aunt gave me a pistachios Easter egg which was the most tasteful thing I ever tasted!

Week #14

Sunday, March 29 2015 4:30 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Last Sunday of March, can’t believe it’s April already! This past week was quite uneventful… Last Monday was my town feasr, too so there were stalls again but they were very few and I didn’t liked it. At least the Luna Park was gone Monday afternoon,  :yes: yay for parking space!

Week #13

Sunday, March 22 2015 1:59 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Another week gone by, Did you see the eclipse? I have a new schedule: I need to read at least 2 chapters a day (I usually read more but I try to stick to at least 2).

Week #12

Sunday, March 15 2015 4:38 pm, GMT+1h Laura

A new week is beginning… well tomorrow :P

Today I went to Milan but I didn’t buy anything because I’ve already spent too much last Friday. But I plan to go washi tapes shopping tomorrow. Oh now! I bought a book! But I had a free ticket for that so I didn’t pent more than 5 euros.  :cool:

Week #10

Sunday, March 1 2015 3:16 pm, GMT+1h Laura

March is here… so full of birthdays! I have 8 birthdays this month! So here I present you last week. I didn’t had much going on Tuesday and Wednesday except boring myself at work.

Week #8

Sunday, February 15 2015 2:17 pm, GMT+1h Laura

Another week went by. This past week I learned something at work, read a lot of pages of my books especially last Monday and I found out that Game of Thrones is far ahead of the books I’m reading so the tv show spoiled out everything… I’m angry  :angry:   :angry:   :angry: I didn’t know that! I thought that last season was book #4 but it was book #4 and 5! Yep, not going to watch the tv show until I’m finished with the books. But it is my fault because I wanted to wait for these damn translators and publishers to publish the same edition that I already had… 

Week #7

Sunday, February 8 2015 1:43 pm, GMT+1h Laura

So my week was kinda nice :cool: . I had a snow day on Thursday :shoked: (yes it snowed) and I’ve accomplished pretty much everything. Here it is my finished week (of course I still have to mark off the planner post since I still haven’t written it…