What’s happening in December?

Christmas is close! I’ve been talking about it since September and I can’t wait to build my Christmas tree and decorate my house so for December I’m going to post about my tradition and photos from previous Christmas for the TBF. I will hold the book reviews for now since I actually need to read to review books (I’ve been reading the same book since September, I find it so slow and annoying but I never stop reading so I must finish it…)

Let’s the Christmas feel going!

My Trip to Amalfi Coast – Part 3

Here’s Part 1, Part 2.

Today I’m posting the last part of my Amalfi Coast trip. We’re not on the coast anymore, actually we aren’t even in the same region as before but for continuity I’m going to call this post with the same title as before.

We left Ischia in the middle of the sea and we’re back in the continent. Today it’s a Friday and we need to move towards Viterbo. While traveling we stopped to have lunch in a restaurant near Rome, close to Colli Albani. We arrived in Viterbo late in the afternoon.

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