2018 Cloak and Dagger Challenge

I have joined the 2018 Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge.

I’m a bit late joining but there are still signs up so I think it’s still okay. I don’t know whether the books I’ve already read since the new year are fine for the challenge, I will check back later and modify this post if they don’t count. I will add them for now. If you’re reading this and it’s after April 15 that means it’s fine, if not I will have added an “Edit” note at the end.

I read a lot of mysteries, I pretty much read only them (that’s why I always have trouble finding titles for other challenges) so I’m going for 26-35 books – Inspector.

Reviews for these books will come during this year, I will update this post when they are published.

I need to remember to use #CloakDaggerChal tag when posting…

12/28/2018: Let’s see how many books I’ve read…

  1. Lycke
  2. Cause of Death
  3. Isle of the Dead
  4. Those who follow
  5. The Body in the Library
  6. Portrait of a Killer: Jack The Ripper – Case Closed
  7. The Black Echo
  8. The Templar Legacy
  9. Abandoned
  10. Dark Secrets
  11. Serpent
  12. Dead Wrong
  13. B Il Burattinaio
  14. Among the wicked
  15. The Bones of You
  16. The Shepherd
  17. L’ultimo segreto di Galileo
  18. Unnatural Exposure
  19. I Know a Secret
  20. Bones on Ice
  21. The Never List
  22. The Girl Who Came Back
  23. Little Girl Lost
  24. Bones Never Lie
  25. Raven Black
  26. Hurt
  27. White Nights
  28. Roses of May
  29. Red Bones
  30. The Girl in the Ice
  31. Preserve the dead

Yep, I’m an Inspector now… :D

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