Pretty Girls

Pretty Girls
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July 2, 2015
December 30, 2018 January 13, 2019

Twenty years ago Claire Scott's eldest sister, Julia, went missing. No one knew where she went - no note, no body. It was a mystery that was never solved and it tore her family apart.
Now another girl has disappeared, with chilling echoes of the past. And it seems that she might not be the only one.
Claire is convinced Julia's disappearance is linked.
But when she begins to learn the truth about her sister, she is confronted with a shocking discovery, and nothing will ever be the same...

About the book

The book is divided into long chapters and these are divided with mini-chapters (which are distinguished because they have Roman numbers) in which the father of one of the missing girls speaks to his daughter in the form of a letter.

The beginning is a bit slow, it isn’t clear who is the protagonist or what crime should be resolved or where is the police, but after a few chapters it begins to get clear and from there I began to appreciate it and wanting to continue even if it was late at night.

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The Never List

The Never List

January 1st, 2013
August 3, 2018 August 5, 2018

For years, best friends Sarah and Jennifer kept what they called the “Never List”: a list of actions to be avoided, for safety’s sake, at all costs. But one night, against their best instincts, they accept a cab ride with grave, everlasting consequences. For the next three years, they are held captive with two other girls in a dungeon-like cellar by a connoisseur of sadism.

Ten years later, at thirty-one, Sarah is still struggling to resume a normal life, living as a virtual recluse under a new name, unable to come to grips with the fact that Jennifer didn’t make it out of that cellar. Now, her abductor is up for parole and Sarah can no longer ignore the twisted letters he sends from jail.

Finally, Sarah decides to confront her phobias and the other survivors—who hold their own deep grudges against her. When she goes on a cross-country chase that takes her into the perverse world of BDSM, secret cults, and the arcane study of torture, she begins unraveling a mystery more horrifying than even she could have imagined.

About the book

This book is electrifying. It is very well built and has very flowing style. I read this book in two days, just like for “The butterfly garden” last year, I read it while I was on vacation and it captivated me from the beginning and I could not wait to read what really happened to the girls.

The book is not for everyone, it talks about torture but not explicitly (the only flaw of the book, even if the “said and not said” is okay). The narration is given to one of Jack Dreber’s victims and he was a university professor of psychology.

The girls have been locked up in a cellar for 3 or 5 years and we don’t know explicitly what happened during these years.

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Book Blogger Hop #3

Click the image above to know what this is about! It’s fun!

This week question:

Is there anything that drives you bonkers when you’re reading a book and it makes you want to tell the author a thing or two? (submitted by C. Lee @ cleemckenziebooks)

My answer:

Yes, in a crime book, when the detective is framed by a criminal. It really drive me bonkers. Such a cliché!

Bones on Ice

Bones on Ice

, Book # 17.5
July 13, 2017
August 1, 2018 August 3, 2018

It is called the “death zone”: the point on Everest, nearly five miles high, above which a climber cannot be rescued. More than 250 souls have lost their lives there. Most of the bodies remain, abandoned, frozen in place. When an earthquake leads to a miraculous recovery, Dr. Temperance Brennan is hired to identify the frozen mummified human corpse. The victim is the daughter of a wealthy Charlotte couple who never got the chance to say goodbye. But far from offering solace and closure, Tempe’s findings only provoke more questions. What happened on Mount Everest? Was the young woman’s death an accident? Why aren’t the other climbers talking? And how far will those hiding the truth go to make sure the past stays buried?

First of all, this was a bad deal, I thought it was one of the books in the series but it’s just a short story. € 3.49 for not even 100 pages is a rip off and unfortunately because I was in a hurry, I did not check very well which book was (why it was on my wishlist on the Kobo website, I do not know… well yeah I can guess I saw “#19” in the series on the book page when it’s not.)

About the book

I gave two stars because the story is nice, it doesn’t deserve a star because of the plot but the length of the story isn’t worth that much…


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