2021 Beat the Backlist reading challenge

This was a wonderful challenge for me. Here are the rules and guidelines. I was looking for a TBR challenge in which every book counted since there are a lot of books that are on my TBR (actually TBB – to be bought or borrowed) but that I still don’t own. So here I can count all the books that I already have, and the ones that are or will be on my to read list but that I still don’t own/borrowed as long as they were published before Dec 31, 2020.

The official challenge tag are: #BeatTheBacklist #BeatTheBacklist2021 #BTB2021

Books read in 2021:

Here a link of the books I own or bought prior to January 1, 2021. I do have a spreadsheets where I have listed all my book so I will reference to that file, meaning that most probably lots of books aren’t listed in that goodreads link but they are in my file.

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