2022 Finishing The Series Challenge

Last year I’ve finished 5 series, yay me! so I’m doing this challenge again. I did read a bunch of books that counted as progressing in the series so I’m ever so close in finishing those series and I even read more than my goal.

Here the challenge post if you want to join. I’m going for C-LIST SERIES FINISHER ⇒ COMPLETE 1-4 SERIES again.

Hashtag for the challenge is #FinishingTheSeries2022 and I need to remember the quad link-ups:


How I’m keeping track: I wrote some of the series I want to finish (not all, I have an excel doc for them) with all the books I still need to read (and again the  list isn’t updated to the very last book published). But those are the series. Strike-through means I have read that book, most probably you can find the review here but I won’t link it since it wasn’t read this year. Once the review is published (of the ones I read this year) it will automatically appear after “Books read”.

Books Read:

    Finished Series:

    1. Will Trent

    Series that I want to finish:

    Some titles are in Italian, I will update them once I’ve read that book. The list isn’t up to date with all the US/UK published books and I don’t think it’s up to date with the Italian published ones (I lost interest in some of them, but I already have those books so I will read them at least).

    • Winternight Trilogy (-1 book)
      • The Bear and the Nightingale
      • The Girl in the Tower
      • The Winter of the Witch
    • The Poppy War (-2 books)
      • The Poppy War
      • The Dragon Republic
      • The Burning Gods
    • The Stormlight Archive Series (-2 books)
      • The way of kings
      • Words of Radiance
      • Oathbringer
      • Rhythm of War
    • Kate Burkholder (-5 books, 3 in Italian)
      • Down a Dark Road
      • A Gathering of Secrets
      • Shamed
      • Outsider
      • Fallen
    • Will Trent (Finished)
      • The Kept Woman
      • The Last Widow
      • The Silent Wife
    • The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles (-1 book)
      • Hanover House (0.5)
      • Her Darkest Nightmare
      • Hello Again
      • Face Off
      • Blind Spot
    • Poirot: (-?? books)
      • The Mysterious Affair at Styles
      • The Murder on the Links
      • Poirot Investigates
      • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
      • The Big Four
      • The Mystery of the Blue Train
      • Peril at End House
      • Lord Edgware Dies
      • Murder on the Orient Express
      • Three Act Tragedy
      • Death in the Clouds
      • The A.B.C. Murders
      • Murder in Mesopotamia
      • Cards on the Table
      • Dumb Witness
      • Death on the Nile
      • Murder in the Mews
      • Appointment with Death
      • Hercule Poirot’s Christmas
      • Sad Cypress
      • One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
      • Evil Under the Sun
      • Five Little Pigs
      • The Hollow
      • The Labours of Hercules
      • Taken at the Flood
      • The Under Dog and Other Stories
      • Mrs McGinty’s Dead
      • After the Funeral
      • Hickory Dickory Dock
      • Dead Man’s Folly
      • Cat Among the Pigeons
      • The Clocks
      • Third Girl
      • Hallowe’en Party
      • Elephants Can Remember
      • Poirot’s Early Cases
      • Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case
    • Miss Marple: (-11 books)
      • Miss Marple e i tredici problemi
      • La morte nel villaggio
      • C’è un cadavere in biblioteca
      • Il terrore viene per posta
      • Un delitto avrà luogo
      • Miss Marple: giochi di prestigio, tradotto anche come “Giochi di prestigio”
      • Polvere negli occhi
      • Istantanea di un delitto
      • Assassinio allo specchio, tradotto anche come “Silenzio: si uccide”
      • Miss Marple nei Caraibi
      • Miss Marple al Bertram Hotel
      • Miss Marple: Nemesi
      • Addio, Miss Marple
    • Erika Foster (-1 book will DNF after this)
      • Dark water
    • Lincoln Rhyne (-2 books)
      • The Burial Hour
      • The Cutting Edge
    • Tony Hill & Carol Jordan (-1 book)
      • The Torment of Others
    • Lottie Parker (-1 book)
      • The Stolen Girls
    • Shetland Island (-1 book)
      • Blue Lightning
    • Robert Langdon (-1 book)
      • Origin
    • Nikky Heat (-2 books)
      • Frozen Heat
      • Deadly Heat
    • Stadler & Montario (-2 books)
      • Guarda o muori (no English)
      • Adesso muori (no English)
    • Under Suspicion (-2 books)
      • The Cinderella Murder
      • All Dressed in White
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