2022 The Backlist Reader Challenge

Doing this again! The hashtag for the challenge is #BacklistReader and I need to remember to post the links in the link up page.

The main rules are simple and you can find them here on the sign up page.

Just so I remember:

  1. Book need to be on my TBR list somewhere before signing up for this challenge.
  2. Doesn’t metter if I own the book or borrow it from the library. Or buy it during the year as long as it was on my list.
  3. Book publishing date needs to be before 2021 so 2020 downward.

Books read:

The list for this challenge is here, on Goodreads, more specifically here the books I added before this 2022 that I own and here the books I added before 2022 that I don’t own. Minus the books published in 2021 and 2022 (won’t do a separate list, I have too many lists already! :D and it will be too confusing)

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