2023 Finishing The Series Challenge

Last year I’ve finished 3 series, so I’m doing this challenge again. I did read a bunch of books that counted as progressing in the series so I’m ever so close in finishing those series.

Here the challenge post if you want to join. I’m going for C-LIST SERIES FINISHER ⇒ COMPLETE 1-4 SERIES again.

Hashtag for the challenge is #FinishingTheSeries2023 and I need to remember the quad link-ups, well I do need to write review first.

How I’m keeping track: I have written some of the series I want to finish (not all, I have a notion page for them) with all the books I still need to read (and again the  list isn’t updated to the very last book published). But those are the series. Strike-through means I have read that book, most probably you can find the review here but I won’t link it since it wasn’t read this year. Once the review is published (of the ones I read this year) it will automatically appear after “Books read”.

Books Read:

    Finished Series:

    Series that I want to finish:

    Some titles are in Italian, I will update them once I’ve read that book. The list isn’t up to date with all the US/UK published books and I don’t think it’s up to date with the Italian published ones (I lost interest in some of them, but I already have those books so I will read them at least).

    • Winternight Trilogy (-1 book)
      • The Bear and the Nightingale
      • The Girl in the Tower
      • The Winter of the Witch
    • The Stormlight Archive Series (-2 books)
      • The way of kings
      • Words of Radiance
      • Oathbringer
      • Rhythm of War
    • Kate Burkholder (-5 books, 3 in Italian)
      • Down a Dark Road
      • A Gathering of Secrets
      • Shamed
      • Outsider
      • Fallen
    • Will Trent (Up to date, waiting new releases)
    • The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles (-1 book)
      • Hanover House (0.5)
      • Her Darkest Nightmare
      • Hello Again
      • Face Off
      • Blind Spot
    • Poirot: (-?? books)
      • The Mysterious Affair at Styles
      • The Murder on the Links
      • Poirot Investigates
      • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
      • The Big Four
      • The Mystery of the Blue Train
      • Peril at End House
      • Lord Edgware Dies
      • Murder on the Orient Express
      • Three Act Tragedy
      • Death in the Clouds
      • The A.B.C. Murders
      • Murder in Mesopotamia
      • Cards on the Table
      • Dumb Witness
      • Death on the Nile
      • Murder in the Mews
      • Appointment with Death
      • Hercule Poirot’s Christmas
      • Sad Cypress
      • One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
      • Evil Under the Sun
      • Five Little Pigs
      • The Hollow
      • The Labours of Hercules
      • Taken at the Flood
      • The Under Dog and Other Stories
      • Mrs McGinty’s Dead
      • After the Funeral
      • Hickory Dickory Dock
      • Dead Man’s Folly
      • Cat Among the Pigeons
      • The Clocks
      • Third Girl
      • Hallowe’en Party
      • Elephants Can Remember
      • Poirot’s Early Cases
      • Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case
    • Miss Marple: (-11 books)
      • Miss Marple e i tredici problemi
      • La morte nel villaggio
      • C’è un cadavere in biblioteca
      • Il terrore viene per posta
      • Un delitto avrà luogo
      • Miss Marple: giochi di prestigio, tradotto anche come “Giochi di prestigio”
      • Polvere negli occhi
      • Istantanea di un delitto
      • Assassinio allo specchio, tradotto anche come “Silenzio: si uccide”
      • Miss Marple nei Caraibi
      • Miss Marple al Bertram Hotel
      • Miss Marple: Nemesi
      • Addio, Miss Marple
    • Erika Foster (-1 book will DNF after this)
      • Dark water
    • Lincoln Rhyne (-2 books)
      • The Burial Hour
      • The Cutting Edge
    • Tony Hill & Carol Jordan (-1 book)
      • The Torment of Others
    • Lottie Parker (Not continuing)
      • The Stolen Girls
    • Robert Langdon (-1 book)
      • Origin
    • Nikky Heat (-2 books)
      • Frozen Heat
      • Deadly Heat
    • Stadler & Montario (-2 books)
      • Guarda o muori (no English)
      • Adesso muori (no English)
    • Under Suspicion (-2 books)
      • The Cinderella Murder
      • All Dressed in White
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