A Faint Cold Fear

A Faint Cold Fear
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, Book # 3
March 11, 2022 March 15, 2022
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An apparent student suicide has brought medical examiner Sara Linton to the local college campus, along with her ex-husband, police chief Jeffrey Tolliver. But a horribly mutilated corpse yields up few answers. And a suspicious rash of subsequent "suicides" suggests that a different kind of terror is stalking the youth of Heartsdale, Georgia—a nightmare that is coming to prey on Sara Linton's loved ones.

A small town is being transformed into a killing ground. And the key to a sadistic murderer's motive and identity may be held in the unsteady hands of a campus security guard—a former police detective driven from the force by the hellish memories that will never leave her. Lena Adams survived the unthinkable and has paid a devastating price. Now the survival of future victims may depend upon her ... when she can barely protect herself.

About the book

Third book in the series starring Sara Linton and ex husband Jeffrey Tolliver. A university student is found dead under a bridge and it looks like a suicide.

What I think

I liked the book a little less than the first two because it was too focused on Lena who is a character that I can’t digest.

The book was long and I didn’t read some of the chapters dedicated to the former policewoman because they were slow and boring. I can understand that Lena is in a destructive spiral after what happened to her, but this has been going on for too long. Furthermore, the last part, compared to the rest, is too fast. We go from knowing nothing about a certain character to presenting the killer to us on a silver platter without investigation. I don’t know how to say this without making spoilers, but practically how they got to the killer is not there. Besides the fact that it was obvious who s/he was.

However the case was interesting, but I think this is the weakest book of the series for my taste (I hope so).

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