A L’Alfabetista (Ge mig dina ögon)

A L'Alfabetista
Ge mig dina ögon
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August 17, 2017 August 22, 2017

In a small Finnish town of Förshalla is found a dead body of a girl without eyes. An experienced criminalist Harald Lindmark begins an investigation, but a new body is found...

About the Book

First of all this book isn’t translated in English, yet. The original title is in Swedish (Ge mig dina ögon) which means Give Me Your Eyes.

What I don’t get about this book is where is Förshalla? If you Google it, it’s in Sweden on the map, not in Finland but the book is based in Finland… I know the author is a Finnish man with Swedish origins, he lived in Finland and now teaches in Sweden but why can’t I find this town on the Finnish map?

I don’t know if it’s a problem of the translated version or not but I didn’t like the interrogation style at the beginning or the meeting, it’s like a script with “Name: speech” for each characters and I don’t like this.

I love the victims’ tales, when they talked about their lives but I didn’t like when the detective identifies himself with the killer or his dreams, I found this quite useless since he was always wrong.

The book started to be good when Gabriella wrote about her life and Nadja’s one, too. At the beginning, it was quite boring…

In my version, in Italian obviously, there are so many mistakes! I can understand when Nadja is writing, probably even in the original version her writing isn’t correct since she’s Russian and she’s writing in Swedish (I think), but the other chapters? I can’t accept that. The editing was very bad and it’s a pity that they publish a book with errors.

In general I liked the book all in all, not so much the main detective or Philip and his reasoning.

Another flaw… not serious but important non the less since I paid for it… my version didn’t have the excerpt taken for the third book “I Sabotatori” as the cover said.

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