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, Book # 4
Hodder & Stoughton
March 21, 2018 March 27, 2018

For FBI Special Agent Smoky Barrett, the wedding of one of their own was cause for celebration. Until a woman staggered down the aisle, incoherent, emaciated, head shaved, and wearing only a white nightgown.

No one knows who she is or where she's come from or why she's chosen to appear in a church filled with law enforcement agents. Then a fingerprint check determines that the woman has been missing for nearly eight years that once she was someone's wife, someone's mother and a cop. Imprisoning her in a dark cell, depriving her of any contact with the outside world, her enigmatic captor was a man she didn't know and who seldom spoke, who punished her only when she failed to follow his most basic instructions designed to keep her alive.

Cold, businesslike, seemingly indifferent to his victims, he's a predator with an M.O. as terrifyingly inscrutable as any Smoky has ever encountered. As she fits together the pieces of what remains of his victim's fractured life, a chilling picture emerges of a killer every bit as calculating, masterful, and professional as Smoky and the team she leads a professional psychopath who doesn't take murder personally and never makes a mistake.

There's a reason he let one of his victims go free. And by the time Smoky pierces the darkness of his twisted mind, it may cost her more than she can bear to lose to escape. For a trap snapped closed the moment she took this case too much to heart.

About the book

The start is in slow motion, then the pace picks up. I read the first two chapters in two days (ok maybe the first 4), then I could not put it down.

I read this book in English because kobo does not have the translated version in Italian (not bad, I can read a whole book in English without having problems) and I must say that I like the style of the author. Of course, even in Italian it is his style but being translated, I do not know how much structure the translator changes, so reading a book in English has been different for once.

The case is chilling right from the beginning (or almost from the beginning since the real case begins after Callie’s wedding), the details are well described and I love when there are many details even the most gruesome. I’m like that, I like fictional blood.

The case is very nice (yeah, saying that a case of murder/torture is “nice” isn’t appropriate…) and I liked it until Smoky is kidnapped… It is the third time!!! Stop! This series is becoming like Reichs’ series of Temperance Brennan where the protagonist (Tempe) is always in trouble, but here it is worse! She has been already tortured not once, not twice (and come on! twice really?) but a third? Nope, this is unbelievable and the plot is recycled.

I understood who was the killer (what kind, I don’t want to say too much) pretty soon, but I didn’t understand the reason (I thought it was another one) and also I did not understand the link between “him” (or her) and the two or three chapters of when s/he was child…

Overall I really liked this book, the case is very well thought out (apart from the recycling of “take the protagonist and torture her”) and well described, the simple style (I read it in English and I did not find it hard to understand) and the flowing.

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