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May 29th, 2011
August 28, 2017 August 30, 2017

When Lizzy Gardner was only seventeen, what should have been the perfect night became the perfect nightmare. Kidnapped just blocks from home after a romantic evening with her boyfriend, Jared, she woke up to find herself at the mercy of a depraved serial killer. Imprisoned and tormented for months by the maniac she came to know as Spiderman, Lizzy narrowly escaped, the only one of his victims to survive. But Spiderman escaped too, outwitting police and cursing Lizzy to spend her life looking over her shoulder…

Fourteen years later, Lizzy is a private investigator who teaches self-defense to teenage girls in her free time. She does what she can to help others protect themselves and to forget the horror of her ordeal, yet fears she will always be known as “the one who got away.” Then she receives a phone call from Jared, now a special agent for the FBI, with grim news. The killer has resurfaced, this time with a very specific target—Lizzy. And he’s made it clear that she will not escape him again. So begins a chilling game of cat-and-mouse, a terrifying, heart-pounding hunt that only one will survive.

About the Book

I hate spiders! I wish everyone on Goodread.com would stop posting spider images in the comment section, but no! Anyway, I loved the book!

So the main character was victim of a crime and I usually don’t like that, even if I like series like Kate Burkholder and Smoky Barret, but I liked this in the book. So I’m very picky when main characters are victims, too.

The book starts in 1996 giving the input to the story but it jumps soon to 2010 and never go back. The author let us know what happened in the past through Elizabeth – Lizzy – Gardner memories and dreams.

Lizzy was kidnapped when she was an adolescent and spent 2 months with her captor before gaining freedom. Everyone thought she lied about what happened because she didn’t have any sign of the injury she told.

In the present Lizzy is a PI and she still has problems relating to others and she is still afraid when she gets a phone call that send her spiraling. Her captor calls her to let her know that he is back.

Then Lizzy is called by her ex-boyfriend when a note in a kidnapped girl’s room is found addressed to her. She knows that the killer is back but someone already took the blame for her kidnapping and other girls’ murders.

I like the pace of the book, the chapters aren’t that long and each chapter is divided in small portions (I’m calling them “mini-chapters”) so the reading is quite fast. There are a few point of views from the killer in the mini-chapters and I find them amazing. You can see the coldness here and how he enjoyed hurting his victims.

The killer/kidnapper thinks of himself as a hero, he’s erasing bad behavior from the streets of Sacramento, but the only fault the girls he kidnapped have, is being a common teenager.

This is the first book in the Lizzy Gardner series, I will probably keep reading the series, I’ve not decided yet, but I really liked the start of this.

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