Everything started with Delicious Pancakes, my very first site. I wanted a little change and having my own domain (meaning bought by me) so I finally decided to re-start everything, I know it’s going to take time to have this site moving again especially after erasing everything twice because of the server errors, but I’m positive ;) . So I contacted Dreamhost and asked for a plan.

Why Dreamhost? This host is awesome! First I got a discount using a promo code (search dreamhost forum for them) and paid $-90 from my plan (yes, I got a 90 bucks discount) and when I signed up I saw all the complete plan! I mean I should have had 160 GB of space and 1.6 TB (yes, tera) of bandwidth (every day, they drop them) but when I logged in my account I had 204800MB (200GB) of space and 2048GB of bandwidth! The full plan! Not only that! My account was activates after 1 sec and the domain worked after 5 minutes or less and it was a Sunday!!! So yeah I love Dreamhost. AND :) every week my space increases of 1GB and bandwidth of 16GB. Cute huh? And the suport is awesome! They answer really quickly! I got an answer in 10 mins!

Now why EC? Well I love coffee, but really love it, I can say I’m a coffee-addicted or coffeeholic so I choose something that it was Italian related (sorry but good coffee is Italian ;) or rather how Italians make it) and something related to what I love to drink. I’ve always loved the word Café and it took me forever to combine any other words to it because there are lots of cafes out there and I didn’t want to name my site after a real café so I choose a Japanese word (yes Eien is Japanese) because I love Japanese, too. Eien means eternity (Eternità in Italian) and I hope to have this site for long let’s say forever so…

Edit on 09/25/2007—> Ok, Dreamhost changed plans and now you can get much more space and bandwidth! 500GB of space and 5TB (5,120GB) of bandwidth! So my plan now is better, I still have 200GB of space (well at this week 226) :( no improve but I have more than 4TB of bandwidth! and the space grows 2GB/week and the bandwidth 40GB/week!! So why Dreamhost? It’s just the best! At least for my little old site ;)

Edit on 12/30/2008—> Dreamhost changed plans again :P now there’s a one unmattered plan. I don’t know how much this is useful but it’s quite a bit :D

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