Bambini Scomparsi (Missing Children)

Bambini Scomparsi

Independently published
April 17th 2020
March 21, 2021 March 22, 2021

"They took her!"

The night her mother did not find her in the room was just the beginning ...

It is early in the morning when the lifeless body of an American girl is found.
A quiet holiday in Italy thus turns into a terrible nightmare.
A few years later, another child mysteriously disappears and it is immediately clear that the two murders have many points in common.
A father who faces his greatest fear in search of the truth.
A detective dealing with the most distressing case of his entire life.
A race against time in search of the truth.
Someone, however, hides more secrets than they seem ...

A chilling story of kidnappings and abuse that gives no respite.

And you, how long can you keep a secret?

About the book

What is it about? I honestly don’t know, because for the first time in my life, I haven’t finished a book that I’ve started. I know it is about a girl killed 20 years earlier and one killed recently, in 2020 which, ironically, the book starts on February 5th and the girl’s father returns to Italy right in the middle of the first lock down (I know that most likely the book was written before and it’s just a coincidence, but I can’t see anything else now, just lock downs everywhere), but I don’t know anything else.

What I think

Is it okay to review a book that wan’t finished? Or a book that I have not even read for a quarter? I threw in the towel on page 54. First of all the author seems Italian so he should know the Italian reality. But the clichés he puts in the book are highly insulting that I have not been able to go on after the umpteenth reference to how ignorant and lout Italians are. I think he thinks that Italians are all illiterate! If you don’t like Italy, go away. I really can’t understand the positive reviews of this book and for heaven’s sake, maybe the case is good (the premises were interesting), pity that his arrogance in describing Italy erased the desire to read it. Each country has its flaws, but making a collection of all possible and imaginable flaws (some only present in the 19th century) in a thriller book is not a good idea. Pass if it were an essay, but a mystery?

Another fact that makes me laugh is that the American (who, don’t get me wrong, has every right to be angry for having lost his daughter) who starts looking for a private investigator making a selection as if it were a selection to find a wife.


The chapters are short, but the Italian is highly un-Italian so much that almost nothing is understood. The formatting is all wrong and the sentences used too elementary.


Let’s forget about the characters. The American, the father of the murdered child is a hallucinating idiot and I have only read 50 pages. I don’t want to know how the book goes on. And nothing, I only met him in 50 pages so I can’t say more, but between him and his lawyer I don’t know who wins the medal of that person who believes himself to be the best of all, just because he has an American passport.

Among other things, when he insisted on having an English-speaking detective (leaving aside the lawyer who says that all Italians are illiterate), I wanted to kick him out of Italy. You are in Italy? Speak Italian! Or pay for a translator. I hate, I really hate people who think they have to speak English everywhere just because it’s their language.


Don’t read this book. It is useless, it just gives you stomach ache and nothing else. Luckily it isn’t translated in English, you aren’t missing anything.

Wow I wrote more in this review about a book of which I read only 50 pages than in one of Sherlock Holmes… And anyway I only read this book because it was free on Kindle Unlimited, and thank God I didn’t spend any money on this disgrace.

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