Book Blogger Hop #34

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This week question:

How young do you think children should be when they start reading? (submitted by Julie @ JadeSky)

My answer:

I don’t think there is a minimum age. I’m not one of those “oh my God, everyone should read!!” even if I would like for people to read more, but I think if you force reading upon children than they won’t read if they aren’t into reading a lot.

I’ve never read as a child, I hated the books that the teacher first and the professor then, gave me as assigned and never enjoyed and understood them. After I’ve finished high school or rather as soon as my professor stopped assigning us books to read, I start to read like books were my reason to live, I even read books that my English teacher assigned us to read twice (but not in the same school year as she forced me to read that book, which was 1984). So for me it wasn’t about books, genre or that particular title, it was the concept you must read this book because I (the teacher) say so.

I’m even reading the Betrothed again by Alessandro Manzoni which is a must read in second grade of high school (I think it compares to 10th grade) here in Italy so you see it isn’t about reading. Yes children need to read to learn to read of course so if they want to read since 1st grade good, if not, let them be. I may wrote a lot of incoherent stuff and not express myself well enough…

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