Book Blogger Hop #6

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This week question:

What were some of the most memorable books you read as a child? What made them memorable? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

My answer:

You know, I don’t come from a reading family so my parents never read any books to me when I couldn’t read and when I learned how to read I didn’t pick up any books. I remember the Italian teacher gave us a book to read during Summer vacation in 1st grade and one in 2nd grade. I still have them, I still remember what she gave us but I don’t recall any of the actual reading. And one of those books was The little Prince… which I just find out most people don’t even know its existence and it’s such a basic reading for our culture. But anyway, back to the question. I don’t have any memorable reading, I don’t even remember the title of the first book I picked up all by myself. And now that I don’t have to read for school I’m such a bookworm!

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12 coffees on “Book Blogger Hop #6

  1. I was a reader as a kid, but perhaps not an avid reader. The bug bit me more when I was in middle school and by 7th grade I was addicted to paranormal books! Still am too, though I’ve broadened my limits to include fantasy (and the occasional thriller!)! But still a paranormal reader through and through!

    Thanks for visiting my BBH!

  2. I really enjoyed this week’s question. I’m glad you’ve been bitten with the reading bug as an adult.
    I was lucky, my Mum did read to me but I can’t remember now what books I liked before starting school. Enid Blyton fantasy was my starter-for-ten ;-) (both being read to me and then reading myself) although I did dip my toes into horror during my teen/adolescent years.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, Laura. Here’s my BBH Post
    Flora x

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