Book Blogger Hop #8

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This week question:

What is your go-to recommendation for someone who doesn’t read often? (submitted by Amanda @ Give Me Coffee and Books)

My answer:

I actually don’t have any. I’m not used to give advice so I’ve never thought about it. And I can’t give recommendation with popular books because I didn’t like them myself so I will never recommend something that I didn’t like (for example Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings, yes I didn’t like them that much). If the person likes crime TV for example I could suggest Jeffery Deaver but if they don’t have a genre and don’t like mystery, I don’t know (because I read only mysteries and fantasy and I’m not so well acknowledged in fantasy yet).

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4 coffees on “Book Blogger Hop #8

  1. It really would be hard to recommend a book without knowing the person’s interests and tastes, wouldn’t it? We can recommend our favorites, but that is no guarantee the book would be a good fit with another reader. I hope you have a great weekend, Laura

  2. Yeah, like everyone else has already said, I’d need to know what sort of genres the person enjoys first before I would recommend anything.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, Laura.
    Here’s my BBH Post
    Flora x

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