Book Blogger Hop #1

Click the image above to know what this is about! It’s fun!

This week question:

Do you prefer to blog about (a) specific book genre(s), or do you have an eclectic blog? (submitted by Maria @ A Night’s Dream of Books)

My answer:

No eclectic blog, just one genre: crime or mystery. That’s the only genre of books I read. Rarely I expand my horizon…

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2 coffees on “Book Blogger Hop #1

    1. Yes, I do! I really love Linda Castillo, she writes about crimes in the Amish community, the main character of the series is Kate Burkholder, I review one of the books here, but I really loved all the books.
      Jeffery Deaver and his Lincoln Rhyme series is good, too.
      I love Nordic Noir, Mikaela Bley, Samuel Bjørk and Knut Faldbakken.
      Another good author is Karin Slaughter with her Will Trent series (I didn’t like the first book, but loved the others).
      If you look here and sort by rating, you can see all the books I liked, mostly are crime with some other genre. The titles are in Italian but you can easily find the English title ;)
      Hope this helps :D

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