The Secret Orphan

The Secret Orphan

November 9th 2018
May 6, 2022 May 10, 2022

As the Nazis' relentless bombs fall during the Blitz of Coventry, six-year-old Rose Sherbourne finds herself orphaned and under the guardianship of a Cornish farmer's daughter, Elenor Cardew.

Elenor knows that the only way to protect spirited Rose is to leave the city and make a new life for themselves away from harm. But soon Elenor discovers that Hitler's firestorm is not the only thing she must fear when she learns a devastating secret about Rose...

With Rose's life in imminent danger, Elenor turns to the only person she can trust to keep the deadly secret, heroic Canadian pilot, Jackson St John. And amidst the destruction of war, an unlikely romance blossoms as they find a way to protect the child they have both grown to love...and each other.

About the book

I think I’ve found another genre that I like. Or rather I like the subject, stories between the first and second world wars have always fascinated me and also everything related to the second world war.

I didn’t know that in England before the war they bought gas masks. When I read it, I went back reading the accuracy of what I had just read.

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