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June 8th 2015
Isabel Adey
February 18, 2019 March 2, 2019

Jesse Berg is a successful paediatrician. Newly divorced, he spends his time caring for his young daughter, Isa. But Jesse has secrets in his past. Things he doesn't talk about.

When Jesse's ex-wife is murdered and his daughter abducted, his life spirals out of control. At the scene of the murder there is a message left for him. A message that makes it clear that he was the intended target of the attack.

Jesse would do anything to find Isa, and as a long-forgotten debt comes to light, he realises he must do the one thing he never wanted to do: go back to his past, and back to his old home. A place that almost killed him. A place where he learned to fight back.

About the book

The book takes place in two time frames, present with the story of Jesse and Jule trying to find and save Jesse’s daughter and the past in which we know the Jesse’s life at the institute where he was brought after being tormented by his violent father.

Jesse’s mother is dead, the father blames his uncle for killing her and also keeps telling Jesse that his brother was better. But Jesse doesn’t remember his brother actually he believes that he’s imaginary, he believes that is another way for his father to torture and hurt him.

When he can’t take it anymore, he manages to have social services intervene but this leads him to the institute of Adlershof directed by Alfred. Even here, however, life is not easy, but here he meets Sandra, his future wife who will give him a beautiful daughter, Isa. Or is it true? What happened before the “accident”? Jesse doesn’t remember, because while he was at the institute something happened that made him lose the memory of the boy he was before. But is this true? He doesn’t even remember his father! And why does that past seem to come back only now?

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