Otter Creek Lost Girls (Le ragazze perdute di Otter Creek)

Le ragazze perdute di Otter Creek

Self Published
May 3 2018
May 27, 2019 June 11, 2019

Vermont, January 1988.
Nine-year-old Sean Grayson is found stunned in the woods near his home, while his little sister Kelsie, six and a half years old, has mysteriously disappeared.

Thirty years later, circumstances bring Sean back to the area where Kelsie has vanished. In that context, he comes into contact with evidence linking his sister to a series of girls whose disappearances remain an unsolved mystery. It is therefore possible that Kelsie may have been one of the victims of a serial killer known as "the killer of Otter Creek".

Stephanie Callahan, a former journalist and best-seller author, is commissioned by her agent to investigate the disappearances for a possible new book. He needs to find out if the notorious Otter Creek killer could be anything more than a local legend. This is the last chance for Stephanie to bring her failed career back on track and face her personal demons.

But discovering the secrets of the past can have dangerous consequences. Sean and Stephanie are being dragged into a web of deceit, lies and murders. A network that has lasted intact for more than forty years, and that still does not cease to trap its victims.

When their destinies cross each other, Sean and Stephanie will have to learn that digging into the secrets of the past can bring out much more than truth.

About the book

Otter Creek Lost Girls (directly translated from the Italian title, no English version for now), is a novel written by Phil Kansel of whom very little is known. He doesn’t have a profile on, he isn’t on Wikipedia and apparently he doesn’t have a website, twitter or facebook or he doesn’t advertise them. says that he wrote at least 9 books but that they aren’t translated in English despite the author’s name is not Italian (but this is not a problem, many Italians do not have Italian names). Furthermore, this book is set in America.

The story is about missing girls, cases that aren’t investigated because as soon as a certain person is named, everything disappears. Everything revolves around Sean’s family, who at 9 years is found lying in the snow. At the same time his younger sister disappears. What is behind this disappearance? And the other girls? Where did they go?

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