A Christmas Carol Murder

A Christmas Carol Murder

, Book # 3
Kensington Publishing
September 29th 2020
November 5, 2020 November 11, 2020

ISBN: 1496717171 , ISBN13: 9781496717177
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The latest novel from Heather Redmond’s acclaimed mystery series finds young Charles Dickens suspecting a miser of pushing his partner out a window, but his fiancée Kate Hogarth takes a more charitable view of the old man's innocence . . .

London, December 1835: Charles and Kate are out with friends and family for a chilly night of caroling and good cheer. But their blood truly runs cold when their singing is interrupted by a body plummeting from an upper window of a house. They soon learn the dead man at their feet, his neck strangely wrapped in chains, is Jacob Harley, the business partner of the resident of the house, an unpleasant codger who owns a counting house, one Emmanuel Screws.

Ever the journalist, Charles dedicates himself to discovering who's behind the diabolical defenestration. But before he can investigate further, Harley's corpse is stolen. Following that, Charles is visited in his quarters by what appears to be Harley's ghost—or is it merely Charles’s overwrought imagination? He continues to suspect Emmanuel, the same penurious penny pincher who denied his father a loan years ago, but Kate insists the old man is too weak to heave a body out a window. Their mutual affection and admiration can accommodate a difference of opinion, but matters are complicated by the unexpected arrival of an infant orphan. Charles must find the child a home while solving a murder, to ensure that the next one in chains is the guilty party . . .

About the book

Here I’m reading a book about Charles Dickens for the first time. I was given the opportunity to read this book by the author thanks to Partner in Crime Tour and I have to say that I’m discovering a new way of writing mysteries that I like.

We’re following the adventure of Charles Dickens and this book tries to solve a mystery of a fallen body, a dropping baby and ghostly appearances. In fact just like the famous Dickens’s book we have a scroodge, ghosts and a christmas tale. I do know Charles Dickens’ book, I haven’t read it because of the language which is quite old and it is difficult for me reading it in English but I do know the tale and I did find lots of common representations here.

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