La Banda di Alastrine (The Alastrine Gang)

La Banda di Alastrine
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, Book # 1
September 2018
April 20, 2020 April 22, 2020

Centuries ago the Elemental Dragons shaped the land of Sabrié. The mortal races that now live in this world have however forgotten the creatures that allowed their birth and the Dragons now live only in legends. The Alastrine gang operates in Roas, one of the largest human cities that populate Sabrié: a handful of mercenaries commanded by a woman, who tries to give help to those who need it most. Trebor, a boy who has just arrived in that city, finds himself in the gang and, among fabric merchants, slave sellers and traitors, he will discover the many facets of the world that until then had ignored and the many secrets hidden inside Alastrine. But above all, he will discover that legends are no longer such.

About the book

First of all there is no English translation for this book. Them, if you read the synopsis of the book you may think that the book is about dragons right from the start, but it isn’t. Dragons and their legends attracted me to the book and I wanted to read it for this reason. But dragons appear only after the middle of the book (or rather at the end).

The book is about a gang of teenagers who steal from the rich to give to the poor (more or less) however it is a gang of mercenaries but that does good for humanity. We follow some missions of the gang, such as being bodyguards of a cloth merchant, or the liberation of girls kidnapped by a slaver, but nothing of dragons and I find it really upsetting.

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