Inuyasha Wide ed. 1

犬夜叉 ワイド版 1
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, Book # 1
April 18th 1997
August 6, 2022 August 12, 2022

Transported back to Japan's feudal era, high school student Kagome accidentally releases the feral half-demon dog boy Inu-Yasha from his imprisonment for stealing the Jewel of Four Souls.

Inuyasha is my favorite anime of all time, well maybe Cat’s Eye is, but for childhood reasons. Inuyasha is the first anime I’ve watched and understood, so to speak. So I want to collect all the volumes of this edition even if I’m not too much interested in reading them (but I will) since I know the story. That’s why I stopped watching the anime of the other manga I want to read so that I can read them without getting bored :P .

Apparently there is no Wide Ed. in English? If you know about it please post the link in the comments. I couldn’t find it on Goodreads.