A Perfect Evil

A Perfect Evil
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, Book # 1
Harlequin Mira
June 17th 2000
March 19, 2019 March 22, 2019

The brutal murders of three young boys paralyze the citizens of Platte City, Nebraska. What's worse is the grim realization that the man recently executed for the crimes was a copycat. When Sheriff Nick Morrelli is called to the scene of another grisly murder, it becomes clear that the real predator is still at large, waiting to kill again.

Morrelli understands the urgency of the case terrorizing his community, but it's the experienced eye of FBI criminal profiler Maggie O'Dell that pinpoints the true nature of the evil behind the killings--a revelation made all the more horrific when Morrelli's own nephew goes missing.

Maggie understands something else: the killer is enjoying himself, relishing his ability to stay one step ahead of her, making this case more personal by the hour. Because out there, watching, is a killer with a heart of pure and perfect evil.

First book in the series dedicated to Meggie O’Dell, an FBI expert in profiling. In this book we are in Nebraska, in a small town near Omaha where the body of a missing child is found near a river. The murder resembles the one of three children, that took place six years earlier. The problem? Someone has already paid for those murders, in fact he was executed a few months earlier. Copycat or is there something more underneath?

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