Finally everything is booked for Zurich. Room and train ;) I’m so spooked! When is it Christmas? :shifty:

Last Sunday I went to a store where there are all Christmas stuff and I bought two new decos (because I don’t have enough… I think I can sell all mine and make a good profit…) so I started to deco my room. I have my little Christmas tree, my personal Santa (well two, but I still need to hung the other) and my little snowmen :D

And Christmas lights are everywhere… not that they weren’t before… a store had them outside in the middle of October… Now I know you have to sell them but still!!

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3 coffees on “Booked…

  1. Hey Laura! How are you been doing? I am doing good! Wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve heard from you. :( I know, not good. And I am sorry that you haven’t heard from me either. Listen, I know that your upset that I’ve closed down Sugary-Rainow. Because of a sticken person name Jane that putted me on for no reason at all, so in other words that goes to her own self, but not me. lol! :p I still want to be hosted by you darling. But I want a different name and a password. lol! I want the new site NAME/ACCOUNT to be: Magic-Hug PASSWROD: ilovechrist

    You can go ahead and email me the ftp information, after you set the account up. Thank so much, I am not going to let anybody get me down which is the haters. Cause they don’t rule the internet. God does. lol! :wink: So please real soon, make the account with the name of: Magic-Hug and just let me start all over again, I really do want to make it up to you anyway and plus I did MISS and still do of being HOSTED BY YOU. ;-( I will do my very best of doing everything of graphic and webdesigning.

    I still want to stay in contact with you, maybe after New Year’s, I will change my email name etc. Dollie-Fantasy is just going to be a READ/TUTORIAL SITE..Thanks so much for understanding! :) :D Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  2. P.s. My email still is STAR-PRINCESS7@LIVE.COM So email me there and let me know about if I got accepted of being hosted by you again. Right now, I am working on my 1st layout, I already got some dolls made. Just right in time, more are coming soon! :wink: I really do love the site name Magic Hug, because it’s cute and different. Thanks so much for your time.

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