Reading Challenges Recap

So… I did read a lot in 2022 but I didn’t pay attention to the challenges. I didn’t really complete some of them but the others were fully completely even though I didn’t keep track of the when.

The books listed here aren’t all. I still need to write at least the posts about the majority of them (I know, burned out remember?) so if you’re reading this right after new year well that’s not complete. If you are reading way into 2023 it may be complete.

The tracker right after this “Read more” is accurate, though.

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Reading Challenges Recap

Let’s see how my challenges went this 2021. I need to say that I read a lot this year except for some months where I had a lot of work (and no lockdown this year so less time to read – not that I have a job that locks down since I’m one of the lucky one which store is open during lockdowns, but I digress…)

Generally, everything was fine as you can see from the chart below and seeing that for some challenges I read a lot more, now I will talk about them one by one :D

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2022 Chunkster Reading Challenge

New challenge for next year :D since I do read books that are bricks, I’m doing this challenge so I will indeed read all the TBR chuckish books I own.

Challenge sign up is here and there is no Twitter tag but I will tag my posts with #ChunksterReading2022.

  • The books read must be 450 pages or more to be considered a chunkster.
  • It is ANY book. Adult, Middle Grade or YA or whatever.
  • The books can be a hard copy, e-books, or an audio book. As long as each of these formats equal to 450 pages or greater (if it were a hard copy book).
  • Rereads welcome as are crossovers with other challenges.
  • A blog is NOT required to participate.
  • No minimum number, participant will decide.

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2022 Library Love Challenge

There aren’t many libraries left, unfortunately, and books found in the few still open, aren’t that many.

But I’m stubborn so I will borrow books from the library again this year :D

This challenge is hosted by two blogs Angel’s Guilty Pleasures and Books of My Heart.

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2022 The Backlist Reader Challenge

Doing this again! The hashtag for the challenge is #BacklistReader and I need to remember to post the links in the link up page.

The main rules are simple and you can find them here on the sign up page.

Just so I remember:

  1. Book need to be on my TBR list somewhere before signing up for this challenge.
  2. Doesn’t metter if I own the book or borrow it from the library. Or buy it during the year as long as it was on my list.
  3. Book publishing date needs to be before 2021 so 2020 downward.

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