Deadhouse Gates

Deadhouse Gates

, Book # 2
Tor Books
September 2000
April 18, 2022 May 18, 2022
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In the vast dominion of Seven Cities, in the Holy Desert Raraku, the seer Sha’ik and her followers prepare for the long-prophesied uprising known as the Whirlwind. Unprecedented in size and savagery, this maelstrom of fanaticism and bloodlust will embroil the Malazan Empire in one of the bloodiest conflicts it has ever known, shaping destinies and giving birth to legends.


The story begins where the first book “Gardens of the Moon” ends, even if I honestly don’t remember anything about that book. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like it that much. The empire is collapsing, a prophesied rebellion is about to break loose on Seven Cities, and the empire is about to fall. At the head of the Empress’s forces is Coltaine, a Wickan of the Raven Clan. His task is to defend the people of Malazan settled in Seven Cities.

The book is long but not boring, I just think it’s not a saga for me. I don’t know, even for the first book, on the first reading I couldn’t connect with the characters or the world, only on the second reading I appreciated the author’s work more. But honestly it took me exactly one month to read this story and I don’t want to read the book again to understand more.

I don’t know whether I will continue with the series even if the epilogue is intriguing, the rest and the slowness with which I read these books makes me think that I could not bear another similar book.

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