Earthquake News

There are survivors!!!!

They were able to find a 98-year-old woman who was in her bed knitting! She seems fine and talkative. Another girl was extracted from her destroyed house after 23 hours and she’s alive. The students’ house came down… It is really bad when you go to a city to have a culture and then it bites you in the ass… And the earth keeps shaking…

Iran wants to help… please don’t make me laugh!

Update: Another video from CBS:

A girl from NCIS Italian forum is in l’Aquila right now because she has relatives and she says that what is seen on TV is nothing compare to eyewitnessing it.

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3 coffees on “Earthquake News

  1. :( I wish the government was a little more demanding on the quality of the buildings. :S
    Hopefully, they are going to change policies on the requirements, but it’s a couple hundred people too late. ><“

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by!

      Yep! It’s unbelievable that those things happen in Italy! Which is a sysmic zone! I can understand old buildings such as the historical center of l’Aquila but hospital and student campus which are new? Nope, I can’t accept that! But the law is correct, it was the builders who didn’t followed it (at least for now… I mean they’re still investigating and seeing if there is a responsability of the poeple who build those). But anyway the government (or the ones who had to) should have paid more attention… X(

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