Galapagos Gone

Galapagos Gone
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, Book # 6
Poisoned Pen Press
April 14th 2019
December 11, 2022 December 22, 2022
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When Detective Virginia Holmes and her plucky assistant take on an investigation in the Galapagos islands, they quickly find themselves embroiled in a dispute that goes back generations … and leads to more than a few grisly revelations. Secret clues, giant tortoises, and a few murders will keep the world's greatest detective busy while she's piecing together the truth!

For curious readers new to the Virginia Holmes series, this is the PERFECT book to start your adventures with Detective Virginia Holmes and Samantha Fox!
(my comment about the last sentence: please don't, read them chronologically)

What I think

Nice, too descriptive, but understandable given the place where we are. Some things were easy to understand before the final explanation, (also because a fact was taken up by Bones or rather that part was also in Bones so the solution was clear to me).

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