Guarda o muori (Look and Die)

Ich sehe was, und das ist tot
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, Book # 3
September 20, 2017
May 14, 2023 May 17, 2023
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Monday 28 September, 00.17. The Düsseldorf police receive a strange call: someone has noticed suspicious movements in an abandoned factory in the port area. But when the agents arrive on site, they immediately realise that it is not trivial trafficking: this is a case for Homicide; this is a case for Georg Stadler. Awakened with a start and led to the scene, the commissioner is faced with a disconcerting sight: a pool of blood on the floor, a razor, a shattered mirror, but… no corpse. Just an obscure code drawn on the wall. An indecipherable mystery, except that a few days later, in a hotel room, the body of a woman is found wearing only a pair of briefs, her right hand resting on her chest in an unnatural pose. Her blood everywhere: on the white sheets, on the carpet, on the victim's neck and long hair. Two seemingly unrelated cases, yet Stadler can't free himself from a suspect: both crime scenes seem set up like a macabre film set. The Commissioner just has to resort again to the help of Liz Montario, the brilliant profiler to whom he is bound by a subtle attraction. But this time even Liz will have a hard time, because every progress in the investigation, every new discovery seems to converge on a single suspect: Commissioner Stadler himself.


This book doesn’t have an English version.

About the book

A killer who plays out the most famous Horror films, a new flame for Commissioner Stadler and a colleague resentful of a case involving a policewoman he was in love with. In this new chapter of the Stadler and Montario saga, the commissioner and the psychologist will have to capture a bleak assassin.

What I think

Nope, not good enough. The case is original, or rather I’ve never read of a murderer who plays out Horror movies with heinous murders, so this was new, but the rest was something already seen.

Anyone who reads my reviews knows by now that I don’t like cases where the protagonists get framed… And this is because it’s obvious that everything will be resolved if it’s a series and the next book is already published. And don’t get me started on Birgit, who resents her co-worker, she has a crush on, because he may be gay. And she is annoyed by the curtain, in the house of the friend of said cop, that rings!!!! Well at least it reads quickly and this book will be over soon.

I also find the dates and times at the beginning of each chapter useless. I’ve never read them, not even at the beginning. What are they there to do? No really if you know it, please tell me.

So I don’t know if I’m continuing with the series because this last book was rather boring especially because I had guessed the two “twists” as soon as the scene started and at the first meeting with the suspect. My three stars are for the original idea and because if I don’t like a trope it doesn’t mean the book is bad. But otherwise I don’t know if I would recommend it. Unless you are passionate about investigations in which the protagonist is targeted.

I think I haven’t bought the fourth book yet so I don’t know if I’ll read it. Actually, since I didn’t like the second one that much (even less than this one) I think I’ll abandon it.

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