Hero at the Fall

Hero at the Fall
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, Book # 3
Viking Books for Young Readers
November 15th 2017
August 5, 2019 August 6, 2019

When gunslinging Amani Al'Hiza escaped her dead-end town, she never imagined she'd join a revolution, let alone lead one. But after the bloodthirsty Sultan of Miraji imprisoned the Rebel Prince Ahmed in the mythical city of Eremot, she doesn't have a choice.

Armed with only her revolver, her wits, and her untameable Demdji powers, Amani must rally her skeleton crew of rebels for a rescue mission through the unforgiving desert to a place that, according to maps, doesn't exist.

As she watches those she loves most lay their lives on the line against ghouls and enemy soldiers, Amani questions whether she can be the leader they need or if she is leading them all to their deaths.

About the book

Third and last book in the Rebel of the Sands trilogy starring Amani and the desert. In this new book we find Amani still in the capital, finally free from the claws of the sultan but still trapped in the city. Here she reunites with Jin, but other rebels are taken prisoner by the sultan. Their fate is in the hands of our favorite Demji and some other longtime friends.

This third volume has regained the 5 stars, Amani and Jin are together and they fight the forces of the sultan and even if not all the rebels from the previous books are present, there is always the group that fights together for a better desert.

I like the author’s style, she mixes serious moments with hilarious ones and I really like this fact. Some funny jokes exchanged by Amani and Sam are phenomenal and also the fact of inserting light moments while they are about to die (for example) delighted me very much.

I must say that at some point I was afraid for the “happy ending” I was expecting. I’m not telling you how much I cried and I couldn’t show my tears because I was in public! And the ending… Amazing.

It is the first time I read of a fantasy world in which there are machines and guns, but only because usually I don’t like fantasy that have more sci-fi than real fantasy. And I must say that the fact that the sultan uses machines instead of a human army made me a little nervous at first, but the story is so beautiful that this fact didn’t hit me that much.

I also like that Amani goes back to where she was born and that she is now able to be respected by her aunt or, rather, to keep up with her, a big difference with the beginning when she was practically at the mercy of her aunt’s will.

I am happy to have read this trilogy even though it may not be suitable for my age. But honestly I don’t care, I’ve always liked stories like this one and I think all books should be read as long as we like the subject or the genre.

I highly recommend this series to those who like a fantastic world, but that has something modern in it, for those looking for a strong and combative female character, but who still manages to be kind and magnanimous with others. And she sacrifices herself for the greater good.

As already mentioned, I love both Amani and Jin, their story is what I look for in a novel, with ups and downs, but without betrayals and endless push and pull as often happens in books and above all TV series.

I am sorry that there is not a fourth volume, the world created by the author is beautiful, cruel but beautiful and even though I heard that there will be a spin off or something, I would have liked this series to go on forever (I know it’s impossible…)

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