Good morning everyone! Today I have to post the hiatus message that I write every year in August. I’m going on vacation and so I’m sending my computer on vacation, too. But I won’t stop reading, oh no, I will read more this month (which I haven’t done in the past two months, maybe three) and I will start the reviews which will be posted in September (I only have one review already done and one in progress!! I have never been so far behind :P ).

During the month of August I will post only the Book Blog Hop and the new releases. I even scheduled a “Throwback a Review” for all month so you can read some old book reviews that I’ve done without scrolling till the end of the website.

If you want to follow what I’m reading, follow me on the new instagram just opened regarding this site, or my personal one where I mostly post photos of my dinners out and breakfasts (as well as a few general photos here and there).

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