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On August 6, 1945, Hiroshima was destroyed by the first atom bomb ever dropped on a city. This book, John Hersey's journalistic masterpiece, tells what happened on that day. Told through the memories of survivors, this timeless, powerful and compassionate document has become a classic "that stirs the conscience of humanity".

Almost four decades after the original publication of this celebrated book, John Hersey went back to Hiroshima in search of the people whose stories he had told. His account of what he discovered about them is now the eloquent and moving final chapter of Hiroshima.


About the book

From a few hours before the dropping of the first atomic bomb to 40 years later. What happens to 6 people who were in Hiroshima that morning.

What I think

The book is very informative. Above all, it made me realize (perhaps because I still hold them accountable) why the Japanese are so friendly with the Americans despite what they’ve done. In fact they probably are because they don’t care about the survivors who, as we have seen many times, are also discriminated.

Despite this, I keep getting more anti-American when I read books like that especially when an American took credit for a certain thing explained in the book I think they are more and more opportunists and they don’t care about the rest of the world. How my idea about America has changed since I was little until now!

However, the book deserves to be read especially if, like me, you want to find out more and more about the “mystery” that these two bombs were. (And if you’re not pro-American.)

BTW, I know this book was written by an American author and I was ready for it to be pro-American, but it isn’t. It explain facts as they were.

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