I think it’s done…

I think I’ve finished translating the site :shifty: … It took me a lot and after I deactivated the old language plugin I found out it added a div to my link page!! And I was freaked out X( because it worked a moment before… and then, poof… nothing :?: (of course I stopped freaking out when I found out it was the plugin…) so I changed the bookmark template again, now it works (can’t believe a plugin add a div!! but not a <div> and </div>, gosh no! only a </div>! now I understand why I had to erase it from the template, gee!)

So if you find some errors please report them! I tried to look at everything but I’m only human :P not an alien :smart: :grin:

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1 coffee on “I think it’s done…

  1. Hey Laura! :)
    How are you been doing? Not much here, Wow it’s been a while since I’ve heard from you or talken to you! I know not good, because of work and chores around the house. I still haven’t opened up just, because I got to put the div layout code on every page and get the subpages ready.

    So please just be paitent, also my dad and I have been installing the Paint Shop Pro 9 Paint Program off on the cd onto the computer, but guess what? It wouldn’t load or work, cause it’s been 2 or 4 years since my dad bought it on the internet on jasc.com yeah what a rip off. A couple of days ago, when I was on the computer, I was browsing http://prettydolls.webs.com Laura her big sister, was telling about Photo Plus. I looked at it and read it, I clicked the download link.

    So I went right to the page. The program is on a low price. :grin: So yay, so I told my daddy about it..he said we’re see. When he went on his ride, on the phone he said yes, I will buy the paint program for ya. I was so happy to hear it, and he asked me and my sister how we’re doing. I said that things are going good and smooth. :p I said that I’ve made him a father’s day card, he said that he wants to see when he gets back home. So yay. And then he can get his credit card ready, get on the computer on the internet and buy it for me. I’m going to Magic Springs in Hotsprings for my Birthday, A waterpark. :D

    I’ve made you a gift, make sure you put it on your gift/award page. I hope that you will love it. :wink: Here’s the code:

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