I’m back!

Hey guys! I’m back from the sea! But seeing that I’m a little sick I will start updating and telling you about my holiday when I’m better (yes, I came home with the flu!). I’ve already answered to some comments, thanks everyone ;) , I still have some but right now my head hurts too much, not to mention that I cut a finger while praparing a tomato sauce with cuttlefishes (or squids, I don’t know which term is correct) so it is quite difficult to type :P

See yah!

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4 coffees on “I’m back!

  1. Hey Laura! How are you? Just to let you know that I’ve changed the splash page on Sugary-Rainbow. We will open up real soon, I am sorry to hear that you got hurt. I hope it heals. I am a new Co-Owner. xx

    Take care.

  2. Urgh, you cutting your finger reminds me of when I poke my finger too deep (when checking my blood sugar) and it really hurts. XP

    I’m glad you like my “terms for blog” thing. Thanks for letting me know. ^_^

    Glad that you had a good trip! :D

  3. Hey Hun! How are you? I’m doing good. Thanks for the lovely comment on my tag board. Your apperciated. :wink: I’m going to open up a little bit before the 10th, if not that day then either Sunday afternoon or Monday. Yeah, maybe monday…I don’t think that I am busy that day. lol! Thank goodness. Eh, I’m sorry that you cutted your finger. :( It must had to be painful. Anyhow, I’m glad that your back and you had fun on your trip. :grin: I will let you know when we do open up, whiich will be real soon.

    Here’s my halloween gift for you to take to put on your site somewhere,. :p
    But that’s if you want to take a preview look at it. hehe. http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/3051/gift.png

    Also, don’t forget to link me back. Here’s the code, just copy it.

    Tag me back and let me know of what you think. :grin: Are you planning on putting a halloween layout yourself or not? :loved: Just curious. haha.
    love ya. x

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