I’m going crazy with planning, reading and tracking

Yep, what the title says. I’m pretty much all done setting up my planner (well I was done in February since I had free printing pages with HP instant ink) and I’m preparing my reading planner. I did have a book tracker especially a “to buy” spreadsheet, a “bookshelf” sheet and a “series” multiple sheets. But for next year I want to track more things, so I created some planner inserts for that purpose. And I’ve always been all about tracking how many pages I read in a day and how many books I read in a month/year, but now I added so many other trackers such as how many hours I read in a day, the book format, author nationality, which language I read in (well only two since I know only Italian and English), the source (since I started to borrow books from the library) and I’m all for tracking this in my planner. But I needed help so I downloaded some Google Docs tracker which I’ll link down below and I’m so ready to track my books and then adding everything in my planner. Not to mention that I added some reading challenges but they are pretty much the same… to kill my TBR or about ebooks (this is new, though).

So here what I use to track all my readings :D

  1. Obviously I use Goodreads even if I prefer the website. I find the app useful if I’m out and I finish the book.
  2. Bookly. I’ve just started to use this but since I have a time tracker I need to track how many hours I read in a day.

And that’s all… I really don’t use anything else for now.

Do you have any suggestion?


First of all I need to say that I use only Google Docs for them.

  1. The first one that I downloaded is from Novelknight.com which will be a new challenge in 2020. The spreadsheet is composed by various column to fill in. So I filled in all my books and then added two columns, one for “Owned before current year” so I can add books that I buy, too. And the other is for “Language” since I read both in Italian and English, so I can see which version I have.
  2. The second is from Little Book Owl on youtube and I use this to see how many pages and books I read in a month (not that I can’t count myself, but what I love about this is the Kindle converter, just check out the video to see what I’m talking about).
  3. The third one was suggested by Little Book Owl in a video and I’m yet to use it but I think it will be useful. It’s from another BookTuber, Let’s Read, It really is a complicated sheet, not complicated as difficult, because it’s not, but you can track so many things that it’s full of good things.
  4. My own spreadsheet to track all the series I have ever read/want to read with each book in the series with “read/not read/to buy/to be translated” so I can keep track of what I have to buy/read.
My planner

So I report every tracker on the spreadsheet/app on my planner and I created inserts for:

  • Goodreads Challenge
  • Other challenges (other 8 challenges? are we sure? Yes that’s right, I’ve checked.)
  • Yearly tracker where I track pages, star rating, nationality of the author, year published, the format, which language and gender of the author.
  • A calendar in which I sign only when I finish a book
  • A page where I will add how many pages I read in a month
  • A new release calendar
  • and a monthly tracker where I track which type of book I read in a certain day, how many page in a day, how many hours I read, the titles, etc.

So yes, I’m going crazy with planning, reading and tracking…

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