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March 19, 2022 March 22, 2022
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An officer is shot point-blank in the Grant County police station and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver is wounded, setting off a terrifying hostage situation with medical examiner Sara Linton at the center. Working outside the station, Lena Adams, newly reinstated to the force, and Frank Wallace, Jeffrey's second in command, must try to piece together who the shooter is and how to rescue their friends before Jeffrey dies. For the sins of the past have caught up with Sara and Jeffrey -- with a vengeance. . .

About the book

The book is divided into past and present, and in the past there are two cases. In the present we have Sara and Jeffery at fighting (again) because she doesn’t want to remarry him and in the past we have a young Sara and Jeffery, they just met and are about to go to Florida for a vacation but he takes her to his old county in Alabama and here everything happens.

What I think

The case is very interesting, although I didn’t like it very much at the beginning. Or rather: I have never liked the cases of kidnapping of people who are the protagonists of a series and this is precisely this case (in the present). Furthermore, in the past we start with Sara and Jeffery who have yet to leave so it takes a while to get to the cases of the past. So at first I didn’t like it, it was slow, then when the action shifted mostly to the past, it started to interest me so much that I couldn’t stop.

Lena is less a pain in the ass than usual and I hope not to see Ethan in the next book, perhaps I liked he more because chapters devoted to her were very few, here.

However, the cases are very interesting and I liked how the author connected them with the present.


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