Le sabre des Sanada

Le sabre des Sanada
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, Book # 2
Gallimard Jeunesse
August 26th 2021
August 6, 2022 August 16, 2022

Shocked by the disappearance of Hiinahime, Ichirô, a young samurai, has only one idea in mind, to find the assassin and avenge the death of his master. He also wishes to return the mysterious sword to a lord of Osaka and thus grant Hiinahime's last wish. For this, he joins the Sanada clan.
(Google translated from French)

About the book

Ichirou has fled Edo and with Shin stops in his old village. Here, it’s buried Marumasa’s sword, entrusted by Kama to his master (and Ichirou’s father figure) some time before. The two are followed by a ninja Seirei who wants to take them to Kyoto where Akemi can use them for her work. But with the sword comes a message to go to the temple and entrust the sword to a certain monk. So the three go to the temple, but the monk is not there. Here the three stop for the winter until they decide to leave, but suddenly the monk arrives, who is none other than Kama, who entrusts the sword to the monk who hosted the three, he has no time to think about the sword becasue he has to return to Osaka where his boss has just surrendered to shogun Ieyasu.

The three decide to carry the sword themselves and leave for Osaka.

What I think

I liked the book, I didn’t find it slow even if it took me a while to read it (but in the meantime I was reading something else). I liked the settings and the characters too. It can be seen that the author was interested in the period and that she studied Japanese history and this is what attracted me at first.

The final twist sadly didn’t impress me because I already knew the narrator for the third and fourth books (can’t remember where I found him) but nevertheless I think it is well thought out.

Still the Italian edition is a mess.

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